Image Consulting


Vikram Seth, Director of Vikram Seth Image Consultancy who helps people to maintain their individual life and professional life. Also, he counsels on developing personality, which leads one to becoming more organized, confident and content.

Workshops conducted by VS Image Consulting Services:

• Travel Etiquette
• Things to do on Valentines Day
• Grooming tips for man
• Corporate grooming Personal Branding
• Desk space Etiquette
• Fine dinning Etiquette
• 5 things to keep in mind while shopping for a bride
• Invest in personal branding
• How is image consultancy as career
• Bridal Look
• Makeup basics foundation application
• Makeup basics concealing and highlighting
• Summer / Winter trend 2016
• Bridal Makeup kit essentials
• Makeup basics all about color correction
• Makeup basics all about primer
• Introducing basic makeup series
• My top 10 makeup brushes
• Real women : work life- reality or a distant dream
• New destination for beauty lovers


VS Image Consulting is based out of New Delhi, India. VS Image consulting enables people to express their core competence and brand values effectively, he works on three broad aspects of Powerful Presence: Appearance, Behavior and Communication.